Business and Technology

Imagine running your business without using technology.

AbilityDCX understands that technology plays a pivotal role in the customer journey and your customer’s experience.

Each time we use our smart phone and use an app or place an order over the internet with our credit card or visit a store and use our phone number to identify ourselves at the checkout, we are using technology.

The business we are buying from created what we call a Customer Experience Moment. And each of these Moments brings the customer closer by building a better relationship bridge, or further away by building a relationship barrier.

Each customer interaction produces data and how your business uses this data is critical to quality of your Customer Experience.

The Cx Suite Tension

Since technology is crucial and vital to our business it has moved from a nice to have to a competitive advantage. How we use technology may well be the difference between staying in business verses how profitable we can be.

One of the biggest challenges for the IT department over the past 10 years is balancing the pace of innovation with the budget, security, and implementing technology for the business. Look at the kinds of advances in software, hardware, and internet technology produced in the last decade that affect IT and the running of a business:

Windows 11 IOS and Android OS Crowdsourcing
Microsoft Office Azure, AWS and Elastic Computing Cloud Software Subscription Services
Blogging and social media Instant Messaging, the App Exchange, and all CRM systems
Smart Phones, Tablets and “Bring your own Device.” Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and RFID Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (to name a few)
Linux and Open-Source Software AI and Machine Learning Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
Cybersecurity Marketing Automation Tag Management
Web Analytics GPS and Geo Fencing Predictive Analytics

There is little wonder why executives leading Marketing, Sales and Finance looked for ways to augment or even bypass IT to implement some of these technologies quickly. Yet this bypass behavior can lead to security breaches, increased support costs, and “shadow” IT teams.

AbilityDCX Bridges the Gap

AbilityDCX is experienced in bridging the gap between the IT team and the business team. We work with top technology partners and understand the capabilities of how technology can make a business better. We sift through the hype and speak the language of the Chief Marketing Officer, the Chief Sales Officer and the Chief Information Officer.